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Bases are large pyramids about 30cm across. We have 3 Bases mounted to the walls in the Zone 3 Laser Games arenas. Bases will activate in some special games that are specifically designed for them.

In most games, Bases need to be tagged 3 times in a row by the same player to be deactivated. If a player successfully deactivates a Base, they will earn 2001 points, and the Base will remain inactive for about 20 seconds.

Bases can operate in solo or team mode.

When bases are in solo mode, every player can deactivate each base once.

When bases are in team mode, in addition to trying to deactivate the opposing teams’ Bases, every team has their own base to defend from attack.

Playing a game with Bases is a great way to add another level of strategy and excitement to your game! Next time you’re playing, ask about our Bases games!