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Laser Tag Packs are where it all starts! Every player wears a NexusPRO Laser Tag Pack. Each Pack consists of a vest which has a number of target zones attached to it, as well as the Phasor, which is used by players to accumulate points.

The aim for most Laser Tag games is to tag your opponents’ target zones (including the chest, the shoulders, the back, or the Phasor), to earn points.

If you are tagged by an opponent on one of your target zones, your Pack will deactivate for a few seconds. During this time, the lights on your target zones will turn off, and your Phasor will be disabled. While your Pack is deactivated, you cannot tag other players, but they cannot tag you either. This gives you an opportunity to find a new spot to start in before your pack re-activates.

Laser Tag games can be played in solo format or team format. In solo games, it’s every player for themselves! In team games, you work together with your team-mates to earn the highest score by tagging the players on the opposing teams.