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Targets are small circular devices that are about 10cm in diameter. Every standard game at Zone 3 Laser Games includes 58 Targets, which are mounted to the walls in our arenas.

In a normal game, Targets activate randomly and are worth 50 points each.

In a power-up game, in addition to getting 50 points for tagging a Target, players are also awarded a special power, most of which last for 15 seconds.

The special powers available include:

  • Hyper Mode – Rapid fire, fast reactivation, full-automatic
  • Team Destroyer – Tagging a foe deactivates their entire team
  • Shields – It takes multiple tags before you are deactivated
  • Invincibility – You cannot be deactivated
  • Score Multiplier – Earn double points for every tag
  • Stealth – Appear deactivated, even when you are not
  • Retaliation – Your phasor automatically fires when you get tagged