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Zone 3 Launceston BuildingZone 3 Laser Games Launceston is located in the Swanston Park light industrial and business precinct located near the junction of Hobblers Bridge Road and Ravenswood Road, and is just off Waverley Road.

Navigational Devices

Please note that if you type our address into a GPS or navigational device, the actual address to search for may vary. For the best point of reference, please view the map below and set the destination on your GPS or navigational device to suit. You may need to set your target location to an address near Zone 3 if your device does not contain our address.


9 Swanston Drive
Waverley, TAS 7250

Alternative Addresses

The following addresses point to us on the websites listed, and may work on your navigational device:
9 Swanston Drive, Waverley TAS 7250 (Google Maps, Bing Maps, Whereis)
9 Swanston Drive, Launceston TAS 7250 (Apple Maps)